Shutter card tutorial

Here are the instructions for the shutter card that I made with Visible Image stamps.
The link to that post is here: Daughters are your best friends
That card is also shown in a YouTube video here: Daughter Card Two Ways

1) Take a piece of card 26cm by 18 cm

2) VERY LIGHTLY IN PENCIL, (I've used red pen here so that you can see this), mark both the top and bottom of the card at 6.5cm. 13cm and 19.5cm

3) Place your ruler so that it touches both of the 6.5cm marks, then make 2 more pencil marks  (shown here as red X's), the first is 6 cm in from the top, and the second is 6cm up from the bottom. These will be the start of your cut lines.

Then do the same thing with the ruler touching both the 19.5cm marks - make a pencil mark 6cm in from top and another 6cm up from the bottom. These will be the end of your cut marks.

Cut 2 lines, as shown by the blue lines here, between the pencil marks you just made.

4) Make a score line between the two 13cm marks.

4) Make 3 more score lines as shown by the red dotted lines here:

5) Fold your card into mountain and valley folds as shown here

Decorate as you wish.

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