Zentangle Flower Petals Part 1

Here is how I created the zentangling on the petals of the flower in THIS CARD.

I am not a zentangling expert. These are just the patterns that I created. Some of these may be official zentangling  patterns and others are not.

If you are looking for part 2, click HERE

Petal 1

Draw horizontal stripes

Create a diamond shape

Add lines outside each diamond shape

Colour in between the two lines that you just drew. Add a dot into the centre of the inner diamonds. Add another line (if you can fit it in like I have on the centre point of this petal (see below)) so that there is a white band outside the one you just coloured black

Colour in the outside part of the lines you just drew in the step above.

Petal 2

Draw 3 arched lines

Continue drawing sets of 3 arched lines over the whole petal.
Colour the first arch in black. Draw lines radiation outwards on the second arch and draw dots in the 3rd arch.

Continue the same pattern over the whole petal.

Petal 3

This is a nice easy one. Just 2 steps.
Draw vertical lines over the petal.

Colour the lines so that they are stripes. Add a dot on the white stripes.

Petal 4

Another easy one with just one step really

Draw arched lines to each side

Continue doing that until the petal is filled.

Petal 5

Draw an inner line inside the outer edge of the petal

Draw oval shapes in the central portion

 Continue the oval shapes until the central portion is filled. Then colour any 'gaps' between the ovals in black.

Add 2 or 3 tiny lines on each side of every oval. 

I'm sorry that I didn't take a final picture with each oval having been completed, but you will be able to see the completed petal when you look at how to create petal 6 in part 2 of this tutorial which you can access by clicking HERE

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