Zentangle Flower Petals Part 2

This is part 2 of how I created the zentangle patterns on the petals of the flower on THIS CARD.

You can find part one of this tutorial HERE.

Petal 6

Draw diagonal lines on the petal

Draw diagonal lines going in the opposite direction so that you create a diamond pattern

Add tiny 'loops' or arches on one side of the lines that you drew in step two. Here I have just shown 2 of those lines being completed.

and here are all of those lines completed.

Now do the same thing on one side of the lines that you drew in step one. Here I have shown two of those lines completed (nearest the middle of the flower)

When all of those lines are finished, draw a dot on each place all the lines intersect.

Petal 7

Draw one vertical line along the centre of the petal and the draw some horizontal lines.

Draw diagonal lines in each square like so:

On the row underneath (and above) draw the lines in the opposite direction

The finished petal should look something like this.

Petal 8

Draw lines to get a diamond pattern on the petal

at the top of each diamond draw a small semicircle and colour each one in

Draw lines radiating out like the rays of the sun from each black portion

The finished petal should look something like this

Petal 9

Draw some large circles on the petal

Fill in around and between the circles by drawing lots of tiny circles

And the finished petal should look like this

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. As I said, I am not a zentangle expert - these are just the patterns that I used on this card.

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